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Modafinil is a highly effective and fast-acting medicine that is of great use in enhancing the mood of people along with improving focus, concentration, memory and mental abilities. In addition to treating these conditions effectively, this pill can also help to improve and treat sleep problems altogether.

It typically works to promote wakefulness in people and is thought to work by altering the natural chemicals in the brain known as the neurotransmitters. This medication is available in various brands and deciding which brand of modafinil to buy is quite tedious a task. It was initially under a patent by the developer till 2007.

Who makes Modafinil?

It is sold under the name Provigil in the US. It is manufactured by a company called Cephalon. It is basically a stimulant that is created for the sole purpose of treating narcolepsy. Along with it can also treat excessive fatigue that is as a result of obstructive sleep apnea. It is also employed to promote wakefulness in people who go for shift work and is essentially known as a shift work disorder treating agent.

Essential properties of Modafinil for narcolepsy

The unique properties of this pill are that it can induce alertness in users and awaken their minds without any disruptions that usually happen with psycho-stimulating meds such as amphetamines. This medication came to be known as a lifestyle drug and has become very popular among all age groups. People who buy and use Modafinil on a regular basis often look for its generic variations and they procure it from places where the prescription is not a must.

But with so many generic formulations of this med, it becomes hard to ascertain between the legitimate and counterfeit drugs. The various generic forms are available in countries like US, Canada, UK and Australia and are simply sold as generic variant. There are many generic versions of Modafinil, most of which are manufactured in India. All of these generic types are not patented. Most of these meds are already in use over a decade and they seem to be working very effectively in many people.

Buyer's guide on the various Modafinil brands available

Modafinil's nomenclature is very complex in nature. The various names given to the different version of modafinil are often associated with a person's ability to stay alert, become vigilant, and improve concentration. It is being sold under varied brand names in different parts of the world. Some of them have been mentioned below:
  • Modafinil is sold as Alertec in Canada and Ecuador regions
  • Sold as Carim in Columbia, Honduras, Uruguay
  • Sold in the name Modalert, Modafil, Provake and Modapro in India
  • Sold as Modasomil in Australia and Switzerland
  • Sold as Modavigil in New Zealand
  • Sold as Modiodal in countries like France, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Cyprus, Portugal, Netherland, Norway, Turkey and Japan
  • Sold as Resotyl, Mentix, Zalux and Alertex in Chile
  • Sold as Provigil in Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Israel, South Korea
  • Sold as Vigia in Colombia
  • Sold as Vigil in Germany
  • Sold as Stavigile in Brazil
  • Sold as Vigicer in Argentina

All of these are manufactured and composed of similar ingredients regardless of the company they are being manufactured by and are equally effective in treating narcolepsy. You can further choose the right brand of the drug by trying out modafinil sample pills, looking at your improvements or by discussing with your physician.

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