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Modapro - the central stimulant of nervous system. The exact mechanism of action Modapro in creation of stimulating effects is not clear.

Modapro restores and-or improves a level and duration of awake and day time vigilance in the manner connected to a dose. Modapro opposes deterioration cognitive, psychomotor and neurosensorial the work caused by deprivation of dream. Modapro makes influencing on mentality and euphoric effects, changes in mood, perception, thinking and the sensations of typical for others CNS of stimulants. They changes are made without anyone adverse changes in behaviour and appetite.

Modapro treatment

Modapro is designated for treatment of the excessive drowsiness connected to chronic pathological conditions it is similar narcolepsy, interfering dream apnoea/hypopnoea a syndrome and moderate to the serious chronic disorder of dream of work of change.

Modapro dosage and administration

Narcolepsy and the Interfering Short wind of Dream / Hypopnoea Syndrome recommended daily dose - 200 mg.
For patients with narcolepsy and OSA/HA, Modapro should be taken as a unique dose in the morning.
In patients with interfering dream apnoea/hypopnoea a syndrome, Modapro is possible to add as additional therapy alongside with primary interventions changing illness it is similar to Continuous Positive Pressure of the Air line (CPAP).
Moderate to the Serious Chronic Disorder of Dream of Work of Change
Recommended daily dose - 200 mg which 1 hour prior to the beginning of change of work should be taken as a unique dose approximately.

Modapro contraindication

Modapro is served by contraindication during pregnancy, feeding by a breast, impetuous moderate to a serious hypertension, an Arrhythmias and patients with known hypersensitivity to Modapro or to any component of prescription.

Modapro warnings and precautions

Patients with the main anxiety should receive only treatment with Modapro in unit of the expert.
Caution should be carried out, when Modapro is given to the patient with a history of a psychosis
The blood pressure and intimate norm should be checked up in hypertensive patients. Modapro - not replacement for dream, and good hygiene of dream should be maintained.
Modapro should not be used in patients with a history of the left ventricular hypertrophy.
There is an opportunity of dependence with long-term use.
Undesirable effects such as the erased vision or dizziness could mention ability drive.

Modapro interaction

Modapro can increase its own metabolism, but the effect is modest and improbable to have essential clinical consequences.
Anticonvulsants: the Administration of the company carbamazepine and phenobarbital, could reduce plasma levels Modapro.
Carrying out of calculations of phenytoin can be reduced, when Modapro copes concomitantly. Patients should be checked up for attributes of toxicity of phenytoin.
Oral contraceptive means: efficiency of oral contraceptive means can harm Modapro.
The alternative / needs to be considered methods of accompanying circumstance of contraception. Adequate contraception will demand continuation of these methods for two cycles after a stop Modapro.
Energizers: lower doses of energizers can be required in patients on Modapro.
Anticoagulants: carrying out of calculations of warfarin can be reduced, when Modapro copes concomitantly. Time of Prothrombin should be checked up on a regular basis within the first 2 months of use Modapro and after changes in Modapro to a dosage.
Another drugs: Drugs such as diazepam, propranolol and omeprazole, probably, has reduced carrying out of calculations by administration of the company Modapro and can demand reduction of a dosage thus. Reduction of concentration triazolam, midazolam, the majority of blockers of the channel of calcium and statins occurs, when there is a parallel treatment with Modapro.

Renal and deterioration of a hepatic

The dose in patients with a serious hepatic or renal refusal should be reduced by half recommended for patients with a normal hepatic or renal function.

Pregnancy and feeding by a breast.

Modapro use during pregnancy and feedings by a breast is served by contraindication.

Geriatric use.
Safety and efficiency in individuals more than 65 years of age have not been established.

Pediatric use.
Safety and efficiency in children have not been established hence, use Modapro is not recommended in children.

Modapro side effects

Adverse reaction of a prescription on which most usually inform, - a headache, mentioning approximately 23 % of patients. It is usually moderate or moderate, is dependent by a dose and disappears within several days.

Body as a whole - a belly pain and a pain of a breast.
Cardiovascular - a tachycardia, trembling, vasodilation
Digestive - the nausea, a dry mouth, a diarrhea, has reduced appetite, diarrhea, a lock.

Nervous system - nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness, depression, wrong reflection, confusion, paraesthesia.
Special feelings - the erased vision

Modapro overdose

Insomnia; the central attributes of nervous system such as restlessness, desorientations, confusion, excitation and hallucination; digestive changes such as a nausea and a diarrhea; and cardiovascular changes such as a tachycardia, a bradycardia, a hypertension and a pain of a breast.

Management of Overdose

Any defined antidote to poisonous effects of Modapro overdoses has not been identified till now.

Such overdoses should cope with first of all favourable care, including the cardiovascular control. If there are no contra-indications, has caused emesis, or gastric washing needs to be considered. There are no data to offer utility dialysis or uric oxidation or alkalinization in enhancing elimination of a prescription. The doctor should consider contact to the center of the control of poison on treatment of any overdose.

Modapro storage

Warehouse in a cool dry place.

Modapro representation

Modapro - 100 Transparent packings of 10 tablets
Modapro - 200 Transparent packings of 10 tablets

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