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Modiodal will not cure any sleep disorder; it merely treats the symptom of sleepiness.
Modiodal should not be used in place of getting enough sleep. You should follow your doctor's advice about maintaining good sleep habits.

Modiodal is a controlled substance and can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription.
You do not have to go to your doctor every time you need a refill. Your doctor may call a prescription into your pharmacy or write the number of refills you may need on your prescription. But some pharmacies buy Modiodal without doctor's prescription. (See left)

Modiodal, like other stimulants, has the potential for abuse. It can alter your mood, perception, thinking, and feelings, providing an artificial "lift" and potentially leading to a certain degree of dependence (although discontinuation of the drug does not produce physical withdrawal symptoms). Make a point of taking only the prescribed dose: Never increase the dose or take additional doses.

Modiodal overdose

If overdose is suspected, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately.

Symptoms of overdose include:
- Restlessness;
- Hallucinations;
- Fast/irregular heartbeat;

Modiodal dosage

Modiodal is available in 100mg and 200mg dosages.

Modiodal side effects

Modiodal may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:
- Unusual tastes;
- Uncontrollable shaking of a part of your body;
- Tight muscles or difficulty moving;
- Sweating;
- Nosebleed;
- Nausea;
- Loss of appetite;
- Heartburn;
- Headache;
- Gas;
- Flushing;
- Excessive thirst;
- Dry mouth;
- Drowsiness;
- Dizziness;
- Difficulty seeing or eye pain;
- Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep;
- Diarrhea;
- Constipation;
- Confusion;
- Burning tingling or numbness of the skin;
- Back pain;

Some side effects can be serious. If you experience any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately:
- Anxiety;
- Blisters;
- Chest pain;
- Depression;
- Difficulty breathing or swallowing;
- Fast pounding or irregular heartbeat;
- Frenzied abnormally excited mood;
- Hallucinating (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist);
- Hives;
- Hoarseness;
- Itching;
- Mouth sores;
- Peeling skin;
- Rash;
- Swelling of the face throat tongue lips eyes hands feet ankles or lower legs;
- Thinking about killing or harming yourself;

Modiodal may cause other side effects. Call your doctor if you have any unusual problems while taking Modiodal.

Modiodal warnings

If you have high blood pressure, liver or kidney problems, or a history of psychosis or drug abuse, use Modiodal with caution. Be sure your doctor knows your medical history before you begin Modiodal.

Modiodal should be avoided by people with certain types of heart disease such as mitral valve prolapse. If you've ever had a heart problem, be sure to check with the doctor before using Modiodal.

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